The hard-hitting, Philadelpia-based punk trio

The Rooftops was formed in early 2007.


The group quickly gained notoriety for their raw and honest sound, striking a meaningful chord with blue-collar society in particular.


Later that year, with producer Dan Malsh at the helm, The Rooftops entered Soundmine studios to begin recording their first album.


The debut LP - Hope On the Streets - was released in January of 2008 and received high critical acclaim.


Hope On the Streets

(Drunk Rock)


1.) One Million Dallars

2.) Johnny Walker

3.) Adrian

4.) Broken Bottles

5.) The King of Bel-Air

6.) Get it On the Floor

7.) 5th and Hope

8.) Drowning

9.) Nothing to Live

10.) Nature is Smarter Than People Think


Released: 2008

Recorded and Mixed by Dan Malsch @ Soundmine Studios

Produced by Dan Malsch and The Rooftops



The Rooftops

Nassaw Tate - Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting

Frankie Bags - Bass

Patty K. - Drums


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