58 Fury


Nassaw Tate - Lead Vocals, Lyrics

Eric Goldberg - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Matt Pischl - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Tim Dewitt - Bass, Backing Vocals

Jerry Grantland - Drums


58 Fury is no bullshit Rock 'N' Roll that trades tact for gritty eloquence.


In the vein of such bands as Guns 'N' Roses and Rancid, the 5-piece from Philadelphia delivers an infectious, hard-hitting sound that refuses to be ignored.


With seasoned punk rock performer and songwriter Nassaw Tate joining the lineup as lead vocalist in early 2012, the group's sound received a powerful, beer-soaked lyrical infusion.


The release of their singles Just Because and The Girl and The Bottle demonstrate the band's ability to express punk rock music in the way that it was always intended to be heard- honest, heartfelt and loud.



58 Fury Discography and Videography


2012 - Just Because (Single)
2012 - The Girl and The Bottle (Single)
2012 - Just Because (HD Video)


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