Nassaw Tate is a Philadelphia-based artist who first appeared on the music scene in mid-2005, playing various intimate venues throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.


Nassaw formed the hard-hitting, Philadelphia-based punk rock trio The Rooftops in early 2007. The group quickly gained notoriety for their raw and honest sound, striking a meaningful chord with music fans worldwide.


Later that year, with producer Dan Malsch at the helm, The Rooftops entered Soundmine Studios to begin recording their first album.


The debut LP Hope On the Streets was released in January of 2008 and received high critical acclaim.


Following the release of their debut album, the punk trio extensively toured the Tri-State area; in 2008, the group performed on the Vans Warped Tour.


The Rooftops disbanded in 2010. Their last performance was on February 20th, 2010 at The Note in West Chester, PA.


To commemorate the 10th anniversary of 'Hope On the Streets,' a special edition of the album is expected sometime in early 2018.



Nassaw released a ten-song collection of solo home recordings entitled The Many Sides of Nassaw Tate in the late November of 2010. In this first solo effort, Nassaw paints a colorful picture that truly encompasses his wide variety of musical influences.


For his solo material, Nassaw uses only a small arsenal of hardware comprised of drum machines, keyboards and guitars. Nassaw creates his music the "old fashioned" way; modern software techniques are rarely used, as he is much more interested in creating his art with as much of a hands-on approach as possible.



In 2010, Nassaw joined the established hard rock/punk band 58 Fury as lead singer.

Nassaw recorded and co-produced two studio-recorded singles and one music video with the group, all of which he contributed the vocals and lyrics.



Nassaw returned to focusing on his solo material when 58 Fury parted ways in 2013.


Nassaw released Get It On the Floor (Uptown Hustler Mix) in 2014 and the stripped-down electronic track entitled Big Daddy Gets His Step Back (Bare Bones Mix) in 2015.


Remastering jam sessions previously held with singer/songwriter Hollow Pocket led to additional releases; the 2015 single Heaven's Open and 2017's Too Late for Redemption both feature Hollow Pocket guitar and vocals.


Nassaw will continue to strive for diversity in his sound, forever exploring new avenues to travel in the realm of musical creativity.

Nassaw Tate Discography


2008 - Hope On the Streets (a.k.a. Drunk Rock) (The Rooftops) (LP)

2010 - The Many Sides of Nassaw Tate (Nassaw Tate) (LP)

2012 - Just Because (58 Fury) (Single)
2012 - The Girl and The Bottle (58 Fury) (Single)
2012 - Just Because (58 Fury) (HD Video)

2014 - Get It On the Floor (Uptown Hustler Mix) (Nassaw Tate) (Single)
2015 - Heaven's Open (Feat. Hollow Pocket on Vocals) (Nassaw Tate) (Single)
2015 - Big Daddy Gets His Step Back (Bare Bones Mix) (Nassaw Tate) (Single)

2017 - Too Late for Redemption (Feat. Hollow Pocket on Vocals) (Nassaw Tate) (Single)


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