Nassaw Tate is a Philadelphia artist who first appeared on the music scene in mid-2005, playing various intimate venues throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Nassaw formed the hard-hitting Philadelpia-based punk trio

The Rooftops in early 2007.


The group quickly gained notoriety for their raw and honest sound, striking a meaningful chord with blue-collar society in particular.


Later that year, with producer Dan Malsh at the helm, The Rooftops entered Soundmine studios to begin recording their first album.


The debut LP - Hope on the Streets - was released in January of 2008 and received high critical acclaim.



Nassaw released a collection of solo home recordings entitled

The Many Sides of Nassaw Tate in the late November of 2010. In this first solo effort, Nassaw paints a colorful picture that truly encompasses his wide variety of musical influences.


For his solo material, Nassaw uses only a small arsenal of hardware comprised of drum machines, keyboards, and guitars; Nassaw creates his music the "old fashioned" way; software is almost never used, as he is much more interested in creating his art with as much of a hands on approach as possible.



In 2010 Nassaw joined the Philly-based band 58 Fury.  

Nassaw recorded two studio singles and one music video with the group, all of which he contributed the vocals and lyrics.


Nassaw Tate Discography


2010 - The Many Sides of Nassaw Tate (LP)
2014 - Get It On the Floor (Uptown Hustler Mix) (Single)
2015 - Heaven's Open (Feat. Hollow Pocket) (Single)
2015 - Big Daddy Gets His Step Back (Bare Bones Mix) (Single)


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